Hounds Dog Shop and Groomers

If you’re looking for a shop that really cares about you and your dogs, Hounds is the place you want to go. Supplying a collection of natural chews, treats, food, toys and accessories, this isn’t your average large chain dog shop that sells you suspicious products with unknown ingredients, it’s a unique sanctuary for people that really love their doggies.

Choosing natural treats and food should be something every owner should commit too. Nourishing your pet is the difference between them thriving and merely surviving. Quality brands like Canagan, have a higher nutritional value in each piece of biscuit, meaning your dogs body is absorbing more nutrients and protein with every bite, which of course means that your dog isn’t starving again half an hour after their meal. Canagan estimate that a dog of 8kg only requires 125g of their food a day, working out at a measly 71p.

Treats such as raw hide chews are produced using a tonne of nasty chemicals, bleach and glue, before being re-coloured with a plethora of dyes, some of which are considered a carcinogenic. A great alternative to these types of chews are at large in Hounds. Some of which I found nestled within my latest order.

I purchased a Hounds Monthly Chew Box which currently contains a pack of Denzels Chews, an Edgard & Cooper snack bar, a natural cow ear, 2 types of chicken feet, a pork roll, a beef heart and a lovely biodegradable poo bag! Along side the box, I ordered 4 puffed chicken feet (Serge’s all time favourite), 4 chicken sausages, 2 buffalo ears and a standard sized buffalo horn.

Chew Box treats
Cow ear, puffed chicken foot, cows heart and dried chicken foot
Pork roll

As you can imagine, the dogs were ecstatic when my package arrived promptly at the door, and neither of them could wait to tuck in. We started by investigating the Chew Box. Both Serge and Max were intrigued by the tasty smelling box, so much so I struggled the get any photos before they were trying to run off with bits to start demolishing!

I tried to insist (for science of course) that they did a sniff test of each paper bag before I unwrapped it. The winner by far was the bag of little chicken sausages, so we started with them on the taste test. Max sat with me while he scoffed his, Serge ran off like usual to eat his in secret (probably so Max can’t come to steal it). In a close second was the pork roll, we of course did a taste test on this and it went down so well that I had to take a trip to the shop and buy some more before a mini dog war erupted in our living room. Whilst there, I explored the pick and mix style treat table and picked up some more chicken sausages and a couple of duck necks too.

Max with a chicken sausage

The Chew Box has definitely been a hit, it’s perfect if you’re after something a little different every month and even more so if you haven’t got much time to nip out and get your pooch some treats. Priced at a very modest £8.49, or £8.07 if you subscribe (box contents valued at over £10), it’s a little price for a ‘happy, healthy hounds’!

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