Eco Friendly Christmas Wish List

Eco friendly products are a big talking point at the minute. Opinion columns are discussing them daily, with some jumping for joy and others thinking they’re just another way for large corporations to pass the guilt down the chain.

Despite what some people think, our personal consumption is important. It’s become a part of our identities now, it’s engrained into our existence. It’s choosing to take your refillable water bottle everywhere, or it’s the ignorance of buying bottled water every day on your way to work. It’s the moment that you get your consumerism under control and stop wasting your money on trash. If this is you, and you’re looking at making a difference to your life, my Christmas Wish List will hopefully give you some great ideas. In absolutely no specific order, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite eco friendly products right now.

Lock & Lock Eco Friendly Tubs

Off the cuff, Lock & Lock have released a collection of eco friendly tubs that are produced using the cut offs from their original clear range. Every one is said to be a different shade to the next, depending on where they’ve come off the production line, and they’re just as durable and hard wearing as their original collection – and they are a fantastic size. I got mine from Sainsbury’s, they were on offer at around £3 and came wrapped in a piece of card that explained that they’re salvaged from 100% food grade waste plastic. You can find them here for a really great price, or they are on Amazon with a bit of a hefty price tag. I use them when I meal prep and for storing soup for quick midweek meals.

Tefal Enjoy Utensil Collection

Next up, the Tefal Enjoy utensil collection. I’m struggling to find many links for this one, there are couple on Amazon, though I got mine in Sainsbury’s on offer a lot cheaper. They’re made from 95% recycled materials and have a 2-in-1 function, like a spaghetti spoon that you can also scoop up your sauce with. They’re nifty in the sense that you can have more space in your drawer, and you’ll have less dishes once you’ve made your signature spag bol. I’ve been using these for a while now and feel like the days of using 2 utensils at once are part of a messy culinary past I’m glad to leave behind *stares lovingly towards utensils*.

Thermal Curtains

This may seem like a weird one, following the food theme from the previous products, but thermal curtains have become my must have home product. They’re great for prevents draughts and breezes, reducing noise, and helping to stop the sun from bleaching your decor. Having moved from a draughty 1930s property, the last thing that I wanted was to have a cold house, and these have really helped to banish those last little chills around the windows. It’s said that having thermal curtains can help to cut down your heating costs, with them reducing the amount of energy lost through your windows, so they’re an all round win win. Don’t rush out and ditch your curtains too quickly though, you can upgrade your current curtains with a thermal liner that will help do the exact same job for a fraction of the price.

Insulated Lunch Bag

I recently bought one of these for Jamie, he is terrible for buying food on the go while he is at work. Besides the cost and waste, the lack of nutrition in everything he buys is a worry for me. I picked this one up on Amazon, it came ready for Monday morning and was surprisingly practical. The upper compartment fits a standard size protein shaker in, so it’s more than enough space for your water bottle. The main body houses the Lock & Lock 1.2L eco box and has room left over for snacks and boasts a couple of hook and loop tape fastening compartments that I stuff homemade cookies in.

Coconut Bowls

I came across these guys listening to the Plant Proof podcast, their story is incredible and definitely worth a listen. I was gifted a bunch of things for my birthday last year and they’re almost too good to use. 4 bowls, some cutlery and a bag of straws are now in my possession and I’m as happy with them now as I was when I first saw them. They need to be hand washed with soapy water and polished with coconut oil after every 10 uses, but don’t let this put you off as not only do they look fantastic, but they’re also handcrafted and helping to reduce the mass waste of coconut shells. You can fill them with anything your heart desires, just make sure your family and friends are ready for the new tropical level of food porn you’re about to be producing. Grab them straight from the guy’s themselves and you’ll probably bag a discount!

Biodegradable Poo Bags

If you’re a dog mom/dad/guardian then you’ll know that you can never have too many poo bags, but the type we choose is really important. As an extremely gross experiment, I totalled up how many poo bags I’m using in a week and the results were pretty mind blowing. On average, both of my dogs will poo twice a day, however if we go for a walk, they could both squeeze out another 2 (very pathetic looking) poops each – because they’re both kind like that. That can be a whopping 8 bags just in one day, and an average of 56 bags a week if we get a walk in every day. My good friends and Hounds sell Earth Rated Scented Lavender Poo Bags, they’re everything that you want from a poo bag – sturdy, thick and capable of masking pretty stinky dog droppings. Your dog mom/dad/guardian points just went through the roof.

I know that there isn’t a biodegradable cotton bud in sight, but these are all different ways that you can look at your consumption of products and make changes for the better.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything on my Christmas Wish List in the comments!

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